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Soft Below The Surface a film I made


Plant Bag


I’m not opposed to words

So far I have decided to make this a space for work about visual and audible communication. Mostly referencing things, previously from the world, and lately via the internet, which fit the theme of the title (but more on that in a minute); hoping to allow them to speak, mutely as an in an image, or to sing, for themselves.

Today I saw my cousin; and when the phrase: “whip it”…arose in conversation he began to dance and sing the musical chorus to the song “push it” (sans lyrics)…which goes something like this: dum da dum dum dum dum da da da da da [repeat endlessly – YES!]. Then I said, “no that’s Push It”.

I observed immediately that I had let this, subconscious confirmation, yet audible comment slip past my lips without preview, and therefore my implication was reasonably misinterpreted as reprimand (i.e. correction)…when however, I was simply ‘talking out of turn’ (i.e. coffee plus champagne plus 90 plus degree weather plus lack of sleep)…

My cousin Alliezor said, “I’m sorry”, and stopped his small scale dancing.

Then I said, “…no I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way…actually (by way of smoothing out the fire (a.k.a. blending idioms) both of those songs are about ‘IT’!”

This blog is about the spectrum of things that influence me positively. The title is not mean to be overly redundant. There is a feeling I get when the world communicates something incredible to me, that cannot be put into words, its the moment when despair breaks and hope is ensured, its the feeling of synergy.