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There is no sex.

There is no sex in Syriana. However, there is a brief glimpse of a woman’s breast, though not intended to appear.

There is no sex in this film.

There is no sex in this film.

There is no sex/nudity in this film.

There is no sex or nudity.

There is no sex or nudity, implied or real. One of the characters describe a rape that took place earlier in her life but describes the incident in indirect terms, saying they “took her”.

There is no sex or nudity in the entire film. There are, however, many references to sex (e.g. women offering themselves to men for sex).

There is no sex or nudity. Not even kissing.

There is no sex or nudity. There is passionate kissing. It is implied that the two main characters sleep together out of wedlock. (The man is unmarried; the woman is–or seems to be–his friend’s wife.)

There is no sexual activity or nudity in the film at all. There are one or two relatively mild verbal references, and one use of sexual profanity in reference to sex.

There is nudity of a female corpse.

There is one implyed sex scene, no complete nudity, just partial.

There is one instance of full frontal nudity as the camera pans slowly down and up a man’s body in close-up.

There is one kiss between two characters at the end. A character also places her leg around a corner in a sort of teasing manner (but it’s to distract the villan, and we find that her leg has been detachted from the rest of her body).

There is one part where a guy has oviously slept with a girl and in one scene he leaves to go to work and then rushes back in and falls on top of the girl and they start to make out heavily again.

There is one passionate kiss between Columbus and his girlfriend.

There is one scene early in the movie where a man and women are about to have sex and you see them in bed and he pulls down the right string of her top and her breast never becomes visible because his head was blocking it, and the scene ends.

There is one scene in which a man asks Chance if he has ever had sex with another man.

There is one scene in which she gives a man a hand job.

There is one scene of brief nudity when a man’s butt is shown when he gets up out of bed.

There is one scene of sex, at the very end of the film. A woman’s breasts are clearly seen.

There is one scene reviewing the fate of a former folk group and it is mentioned that they ended up opening a sex shop. A photo of the members in front of the sex shop is shown, but it is not particularly explicit.

There is one scene when the main character begin to look around the new york city and a man in seen having sex with a woman up the wall.

There is one scene where a character has sex with another character. (very non-graphic and no nudity)

There is one scene where a teenage girl lifts up her arm to put something on a rack above her, so you can briefly see one of her breasts.

There is one scene where Jack gets a phone call. He comes out of the bathroom where his girlfriend is wearing just a towel.

There is one scene where Shirley McClaine’s character pleasures herself on the floor beside a bed. There is no nudity, but she does a credible job with the voice acting.

There is one scene where the dad is putting his daughter in the shower, due to hypothermia and is taking her clothes off and you see her breasts.

There is one scene where the father says the word “remember to wear a condom”, when he ment to say “remember to fasten your seatbelts”, or something like that.

There is one scene where the main characters kiss briefly, and then she leads him up the stairs and into her offscreen bedroom, implying that they are going to make love for the first time.

There is one scene where two characters talk about naked women hanging on one characters wall.

There is one scene with Amanda and Graham in bed obviously immediately after sex and Amanda is in her bra.

There is one scene with Derek, Hansel and Matilda and a couple of others that is an implied sex scene but no nudity.

There is one sex scene. No nudity but thrusting and minor moans.

There is one sex scene between the main character’s wife and her lover which does not include nudity as the covers are pulled up. Thrusting is accompanied by shouted “dirty talk.”

There is one sex scene in which a man and woman can be heard having sex and later seen moving under the covers.

There is one “sex scene” where they appear to be making love but it’s not graphic, they are fully dressed.

There is one short scene where a women has lingerie on.

There is one (simulated) sex scene: a woman is shown having intercourse with a man, while he is comically trying to slow her down/speed her up. Here bare breasts are shown as she writhes atop him. The scene lasts for about 30 seconds.

There is one very brief (about 3 seconds) shot where she’s laying back on a bed with one breast exposed.

There is partial nudity towards the beginning. Women are seen taking showers while a younger boy spies on them.

There is plenty of male full frontal in this movie. From the opening scene and then at the end, the main guy is shown many times, with his penis fully visible and with no attempt to cover it. However, when the nudity is shown, it is only for about a second or two.

There is plenty of vulgar sex talk in social situations, a lot of which is very explicit.

There is quite a bit of dialog about the work of prostitution.

There is quite a lot of nudity for a PG-13.

There is quite a lot of nudity in some of the artwork in the Ninth Gate book.

There is reference to a tape that shows a guy “jerking off” which the others want to find.

There is some cleavage in women’s costumes.

There is some dialogue as to the fact that two characters have slept together.

There is some female full frontal nudity and we see a man’s bare buttocks.

There is some innuendo and mild sex references.

There is some quick talk of a DP

There is some mild flirting.

There is some mild vulgar talk.

There is some non-sexual nudity in African photographs.

There is some nudity throughout the film, frontal and rear.

There is some passionate kissing.

There is some passionate kissing, legs wrapping around a man’s waist, though nothing explicit. It’s all performed comically.

There is some sex talk and a reference to oral sex.

There is some sexual innuendo: a young woman talks to her friend about rumors that are going around about her activities the night before, a young man and woman talk about using condoms, and there’s a reference to the “mile high club.”

There is some sexual tension and flirting between a male and female ape in a few scenes.

There is some sexual tension between a female ape and a man.

There is some veiled homosexual innuendo: a man says to another man “you won’t get to see him in his underdrawers,” and a man asks his male servant “will I see you later?”

There is talk of a teenage boy and girl attempting to lose their virginity in a car; we see a brief rear-view full nudity shot of a man.

There is talk of incest (just innuendo) and a father grabs his daughters butt.

There is various kissing shots.

There may seem like a lot of “Sex and Nudity” content but most of it is quick and can go unnoticed.

There quite a few sex scenes involving Jim Morrison with many other women. Full frontal female nudity, and male pubic nudity.

There’s a brief scene that showed a woman’s legs.

Theres a commercial on tv about penis enlargement pills.

There’s a good many instances; talk, cleavage, caressing, kissing, breeders, but none of it heavy and really long.

There’s a lot of deep, passionate kissing, grabbing at private parts, and oral sex (the latter is quite evident, but not explicitly shown). Throughout the scene, the man vacillates between resisting and joining in.

There’s a love scene. We see backs and buttocks, and a side view of breasts. This lasts for a while. We see thrusting and hear moaning.

There’s also a reference when Ed is talking about a problem with the fiance’s car and he says, “There’s no spark” and then says “The stroke is short and there’s premature ignition” and it’s clear it’s a double entendre. All of this is very mild.

There’s another sex scene where both participants are standing up and they are clothed.

There’s a scene in which Men watch naked women swim in their swimming pool. The women are completely naked and even though we see frontal, the shot is a far distance so the explicit parts are pretty blurred out.

there’s a scene or two in a strip club, women dance seductively, only partial nudity.

There’s a scene where man and woman are shown rolling around in bed with some clothes.

There’s a scene when Otis (Bill Moseley) runs his gun over a woman’s breast.

There’s a sex education class.

There’s a sexual scene with a man and a woman in bed, and when the woman turns over, one of her breast is seen for about two sec. (Very, Very Brief) They are not doing anything but talking.

There’s a short, but very graphic scene in which Dracula (as a werewolf) has violent sex with a woman, with him between her legs as she is splayed out on a stone bench. The woman’s dress is disarranged, showing her breasts and nipples.

There’s a shower scene where a girl’s shown fully naked briefly.

There’s a whole song about the girl wanting to become a virgin again.

There’s kissing between a man and a woman who isn’t his wife. There’s no nudity, but characters are shown committing adultery briefly.

There’s no nudity.

There sometimes seems to be a subtle sexual element to the act of lubricating and plugging a cord into a person’s “port” — a hole in the base of one’s spinal cord, similar to an electrical outlet.

There’s one romantic kiss.

There’s probably only one scene that implies sex when the mother brings a guy home one night but the scene ends when she and the guy go into the bedroom.

There’s several scenes of native nudity: female breasts and male buttocks.

There’s some caressing (a couple on top of each other hug and kiss)

There’s some lesbian tensions between Lotte and Maxine.

There’s some very minor innuendo when Knox and Vicki talk about Wayne by saying, “The chicks like him for his big charity balls.” She replies, “And don’t leave out his very large bankroll.”

There’s the talk about someone not spending the night with another, for various reasons such as getting a STD.

There’s 2 short, non-graphic sex scenes and a 3rd implied one.

These comments are based on a viewing of the original theatrical version. According to the trivia section, there is allegedly a more explicit version.

These men are drag queens,which might spark questions in younger children.

The third scene is the most graphic, she is fully nude and being raped while laying spread eagle on the bed. It is quite graphic; you see her breasts, vagina and briefly her buttocks.

They are nude mad men and women seen in the movie.

They ask her boyfriend vague questions about other men sleeping with her.

They chat about their encounter, including her commenting on liking how he (what sounded like) “burrito-ed” her in the sofa cushions.

They rent a pornographic movie called “Sweet and Shower”, and as they watch it (nothing shown or clearly heard), she says “That’s doable.” You then see a shower curtain, as the water runs, and you see some frantic movement of a curtain, then her hand goes above the curtain and the curtain falls onto them.

They talk about “doing it” several times.

A third random sexual scene at a hotel.

A 13-year-old literally jumps on top of a 13-year-old boy. They fall to the floor, and she kisses him passionately. Then he says “Wow, you really know what you’re doing!”

37:14 to 37:59 David is shirtless (This is the time on DVDRip version of the movie)

A 30-year-old woman asks her 30-year-old friend if she is pregnant.

A 30-year-old woman holds up a thong and examines it. She is clearly unaware of what it is.

This film also shows a dead naked woman’s body nailed to the ground.

This film contains a sex scene between the 15 year old novice monk Adso and an unnamed peasant girl that lasts for about 4 minutes … features partial nudity, heavy kissing. Later a girl has her robes ripped open to reveil her breasts. The film also contains references to monks bribing the same peasant girl with food in exchange for sexual favors, homosexual relationships between the monks, and accusations of characters having “intercourse with the devil”.

This film is obviously very sexual in nature, and is definitely not for children.

This film shows many different scenes of nudity.

This is a sexually themed movie with several refenerces to sex as the subject of the movie is Marquis de Sade. They are somehow explicit talks of different aspects of sex.

This is not a movie for impressionable people of any age.

This is not a PG movie as currently defined. There is considerable nudity

This movie contains moderate sex references, as well as a strip club scene with female nudity, including close ups of several pairs of breasts. However, the scene is kind of dark, so you can’t really see much.

This movie doesn’t contain any actual nudity or sex, only a suggestive lap dance, some fairly sensual clothes, and plenty of sexual references and dialogues.

This movie is remembered for shattering sexual innuendo boundaries. There are countless sexual references, including one racy conversation between the two leads that likens horse racing to sexual intercourse. However, though the innuendos might have been eyebrow-raising back then, they are quite mild by today’s standards.

This same man later demands that a woman and a girl take off their clothes (which they do not).

This scene is heavily cut and it is hard to see exactly what is happening.

thongs, panties, and bras are seen

Though sexual intercourse isn’t seen, the couple is seen before and after multiple times, and it is a heavily-emphasized theme.

Though the film is not sexually explicit and has no nudity (a rarity for the films of this director), adult sexual themes are prevalent, as the entire film revolves around a love triangle between two men and a woman. All of the characters become romantically intimate with one another in a variety of combinations.

Though the masochist character is played for comic relief, his banter with Orin is somewhat sexual.

Three animated buxom village girls swoon over Gaston in several scenes.

3 characters moon a television camera, and you see male butts briefly while some people watch the TV program.

Three Disney kisses: Two between the Princess and Aladdin and one between the Princess and the evil Jafar.

Three female vampire tries to seduce a man.

Three instances of passionate kissing between Jeff and Kathie.

Three of Jeff’s friends are shirtless.

Three kisses: One involuntary; one by surprise; one romantic.

3. Lester’s bare butt is seen in close up as he auditions.

3 love scenes, a brief glance of the backside of the main male characters buttock when he gets out of bed.

Three male police officers are shown bare-chested and wearing their boxer shorts.

Three men are shown sitting on the toilet; their crotches are covered barely.

Three men find three “sirens” (seductive, singing women) washing their clothes in a river and wringing them out over their heads, causing their dresses to become wet and clingy (we briefly see part of one woman’s breast through her wet top); the women approach the men and continue to sing while rubbing the men’s faces and chests.

Three men have sex. The scene is shown using still images only, but they are fairly graphic. Some nudity.

Three men remark on how they’d like to have sex with a woman.

Three men talk about giving a woman a sexually transmitted disease.

Three nude women (we see their bare buttocks, backs and breasts) lie with a man in bed. Two nude women lie in bed together (we see their bare breasts back stomach and hips).

Three older men are seen getting into situations with their wives, which suggests that they will have sex. Nothing is shown.

Three Playboy Bunnies entertain a group of soldiers and they dance suggestively in tiny costumes which expose cleavage, thighs and a hint of buttock cheeks: the soldiers make sexual remarks and yell.

Three posters are shown for softcore TV series. (“Erotic Diaries” “Judge Juggs” “Screwballz”)

3 sex scenes, one with shadowed nudity.

Three sexual situations.

threesome 2 male 1 female, intercourse shown as well as multiple fellatio and cunnilingus

Three teenage girls talk about having a hotel room with their boyfriends and it is implied that they plan to have sex.

Three teen girls try to seduce a teen boy, and one says, “I’ll have to undress you” and begins to unbutton his shirt.

3 women are seen soaring through the air, with topless shots.

Three women attending a funeral display a large amount of cleavage in low-cut dresses.

Three women wearing dresses that reveal cleavage and thighs flirt with a man while primping him (manicure, pedicure, massage).

Three young men and two young women sit in a spa together (the men have towels around their waists and the women are fully nude, revealing their breasts and pubic region, and one of them has the side of her buttocks visible); they talk, and one man opens his towel to show another man his genitals after talking about having shaved a part of his body.

Three young men make comments about what kind of underwear a woman wears, as they admire her walking away.

Through binoculars, a man briefly watches a clothed girl dancing in her bedroom.

Throughout the movie men and women discuss having intercourse, including describing sexual positions, sexual fantasies, frequency of intercourse, etc.

Throughout the movie, there are many scenes of men checking out a woman, mainly Rob Schneider’s older daughter and highlights her as the sex symbol of this movie. Although, she is fully clothed, these scenes focus on her breasts and even more so, her rear end.

Throughout the movie there are various shots of woman’s bare breasts while she is taking a shower.She grabs them and pushes them upward and a man sucks on them and licks them but its very brief.

Throughout the movie there is a sexual tension between a woman in her mid-30s and the teen boy who looks 17 but is in his mid-30s, and in reality her husband: in one scene he kisses her and she slaps him, in another he hugs her from behind and she says, “That’s super inappropriate,” in another they dance together, he twirls her, picks her up and they nearly kiss (they are interrupted by their teenage son), and during a phone conversation a teen girl asks him if he’d date “10th graders” and his wife overhears and is alarmed.

Throughout the movie, two men extensively discuss sex: a man tells another man that he believes divorcees have good sex, two men discuss masturbation at length and one of the men explains how he masturbates in his car, a man asks another man if he had sex the previous night (the man says he had not and the other man responds he had masturbated), a man makes a crude remark about a woman giving him an erection as he tries to pick her up, a man makes a crude remark to a woman about performing oral sex, a man describes to another man how he enjoys taking off a woman’s underwear, a man makes a crude joke to two men about a woman’s ability to perform manual sex, a man makes a crude joke to two men about a woman desiring oral sex, and a man tells another man that a woman is wearing thong-style underwear that he had seen as he did a “crawl by” on the ground.

Throughout this movie there is a few implied sex scenes but nothing is shown.

Tia Carrea’s character is refurred to as a babe, babraham linclon and many others

Tiffany, a doll, pulls down her blouse.

The title characters kiss several times near the end of the film, and Nick’s ex attempts to seduce him while dancing in thin clothing to “Sexy Thing”.

A toddler motions with his hands and mouth that he wants to nurse when he sees a woman’s ample cleavage, as well as when he sees a billboard of a woman with ample cleavage, and when he sees women on a bus lifting their tops to reveal bare breasts.

Tom and Summer are in a sexual relationship, but it’s never overtly shown. In one instance, you see her bare back, as Tom walks toward her (a subtle homage to The Graduate), and in 2 or 3 instances, they’re seen kissing on a bed.

Tom Hanks and his Girlfriend kiss.

Tom Hanks is seen in his boxers in a few scenes.

Tom Hanks mumbles about getting laid, and mentions that he has maybe “seven or eight” times in college.

Tom and Angela watch a videotape showing her boss, Mr. Harper (Simon Reynolds), trying to take advantage of her in an elevator.

Tom changes Angela’s clothes (the actual act is not shown), and makes her wear a tight, white dress with a plunging neckline.

tons of disscussions about sex such as oral sex, penetration, orgasms and masturbation.

Tons of male and female full nudity (especially the male)

Tony is seen sleeping in bed with Maria (he is shirtless, she is in a nightgown), but it’s vaguely implied that they had sex.

The top of a woman’s thong underwear is visible above her skirt top.

Topless centerfolds are very briefly seen on a wall near the end of the movie.

Topless dancers in back ground.Brief

A topless dead woman is seen in Jason’s dream world.

Topless female nudity is shown in several scenes as well as buttocks.

A topless woman dances around a pole on a stage; she wears a g-string (her bare buttocks are visible), a man puts money in a garter belt, and he caresses her thigh.

A topless woman drives a car in order to get a police officer’s attention and another woman steers the car as the topless woman covers her chest with her hands (a small portion of her bare back is visible).

A topless woman (her bare breasts are shown) stands in a doctor’s office, and the doctor invites another man into the room and they both look at her breasts.

A topless woman is shown on a plate a few times.

A topless woman is shown riding a horse.

Topless women can be seen in photos, however these are in the background.

To prove she is female, a woman pretending to be a man opens her jacket to show her breasts to another guy. He breasts are seen for several moments.

A total of 6 rapes scenes.

Towards the end of the movie, you can see a glimpse of Lucy’s vagina.

Towards the end, you see Tina Turner full length and her dress has a high slit up to the waist with garters on.

Toward the end, a teenage boy is shown wearing a set of fake female breasts with exposed nipples.

Tracy Morgan’s character imagines his wife going to take out the trash and she see’s their neighbor making thrusting noises and images towards her.

Tracy strips at a bar.

A trailer is rocking and a couple inside are moaning (we briefly see thrusting with the man on top, but no nudity other than bare shoulders).

A transsexual character tries to seduce a female and then a male character which leads to a sexual encounter with each of them. He kisses and simulates sexual acts with each of them separately, though these scenes are shown dimmed and through a shadowed screen/curtain. Not very graphic at all.

Travis has a (nonsexual) fascination with an underage prostitute, who he tries to free. The prostitute makes several sexual advances to him, which Travis overtly refuses and is disgusted by.

A tribe with many women wear little clothing.

The Troop Beverly Hills girls sell cookies in front of a gym in one brief scene. Some women are seen dressed in skimpy workout clothing, exposing their rear ends.

Tuco bathes in a tub. As he gets out we get a brief glimpse of his buttocks. (we mostly see him from the waist-up)

A 12-year-old boy briefly mentions strippers to his father, with his two sisters present.

A 12-year-old boy catches Mrs. Doubtfire peeing standing up and freaks out. He runs to his older sister and says “He’s half man, and half woman!” The boy uses the word “balls”, and the sister says “She’s got them?” and the boy responds “She’s got everything!”

Twice, a couple rolls on the floor and kisses passionately (in one scene, he is in boxers and she is topless; we see her breasts when she stands up, though she’s at quite a distance from the camera).

Twice, a man strokes a phallic object suggestively; also, a woman gestures as if she’s performing oral sex.

Twice we see a woman nude but with her arms covering her breasts; in one of these scenes we see part of her buttocks.

Twice, we see a woman’s bare shoulders, arms and upper chest (her breasts aren’t visible) when she’s in a bath tub; also, we see a shirtless man and a woman wearing a nightgown.

Twice, we see music videos in which scantily clad women gyrate suggestively; we also see a few girls in cleavage-revealing tops, short shorts and tiny dresses, and in one scene we see a girl in her bra and panties after her dress is accidentally ripped off.”

Twice, we see two men walk into a bathroom together; it’s unclear whether they’re having sexual relations or taking drugs.

Twice we see a woman nude but with her arms covering her breasts; in one of these scenes we see part of her buttocks.

The two above scenes are more emotional and dark than erotically-driven.

Two adults kiss innocently in the sand outside, although they are fully clothed.

Two bears mate in one scene. The activity is somewhat obscured by bushes and trees.

Two boys have their pants yanked down in the girls’ gym, and stand paralyzed in their underwear.

Two breif non-graphic sex scenes.

Two brief scenes include men having sex with prostitutes. Nudity include woman’s bare back, behind, and very brief topless nudity. Some explicit movement is seen, but not too graphic. We hear pleasured sounds coming from the men and women.

Two brief scenes where they showed a woman in her bra.

Two brief sex scenes (nothing explicit); breasts can shortly be seen , along with some passionate kissing.

Two brief topless scenes.

Two characters are about to make out but they are interrupted.

Two characters are implied to be lesbians.

Two characters are seen having sex very early on in the movie. ( Mild scene, shown from behind, so no nudity, but a brief side shot of breasts)

Two characters are seen in bed. It’s implied they have sex (based on the noises and bed movement) No actual nudity.

Two characters discuss a logo which resembles a penis.

Two characters fight it out in a junkyard

Two characters have a sexual encounter; nothing is explicitly shown other than brief female frontal nudity. The entire scene is surreally portrayed.

Two characters have sex and we see the woman’s bare breasts.

Two characters have “virtual sex” by wearing headsets that simulate sexual contact and arousal. No nudity is shown

Two characters kiss briefly.

Two characters kiss on a beach.

Two characters make love near the end of the movie (this is not joyous, but more dark and sensual); they almost end up having sex but do not.

Two characters masturbate (not explicitly seen) and then their ejaculate is shown on another surface after they have finished. One of the masturbators is sexually harassing a woman on the phone while he masturbates. In the other scene, a dog is shown licking the semen and then licking the inside of a woman’s mouth.

Two characters passionately kiss in two different scenes.

Two characters seen in bed, woman in bra for several minutes.

Two clothed girls kiss and caress each other while lying on a bed and a man and woman kiss and roll around on the floor.

Two clothed people have sex on a couch; the man is shown putting his hand into the woman’s shirt and groping her breast.

Two corpse fucking scenes.

Two couples have sex loudly in adjoining rooms. All nudity is obscured.

Two cowboys use euphemisms as song titles (one is: “I’ll give you my moonshine if you show me your jugs”).

Two different girls admit out loud that they are not wearing underwear.

Two dolls kiss passionately and moan.

Two elderly people conduct an illicit affair, and we see them clothed nuzzling each other playfully. The man later dies (of natural causes) while preparing for a tryst with the woman (they find him in a dark room with music playing, wearing boxers).

Two ghosts make moaning noises that a girl mistakenly thinks is her parents during intercourse.

Two girls are forced to make love to each other. This is mostly offscreen, but we can still see one of the girls getting on her knees.In the unrated version the girls are shown making love to each other.

Two girls are kissing passionately at a party

Two girls kiss and then start making out in the back of a limo.

Two girls run through the woods and rip there clothes off down to bra & panties (girl 1) and tank-top and panties (girl 2). at the end of the scene they innocently kiss.

Two girls strip to their underwear and jump in a pool; their nipples are visible through their bras, and a boy tells them to make out, which they do. It’s implied that a boy pulls out his penis and slaps it against his legs, but nothing is shown.

Two groups of people are engaged in nude pilates, but the shots are quick and from a distance so not much is seen.

2 guards while watching The Truman Show complain that they never get to see some “action” when Meryll and Truman “do it.” Also worth noting, Truman is searching for his long lost love, even though supposedly he’s married.

Two heavily injured men are stripped of their clothing (We see them in their undergarments).

Two implied sex scenes.

Two instances of non-sexual male nudity (buttocks are seen).

Two kids bought a VHS tape that features full frontal nudity of two actresses.

2 little boys talk about seeing breasts.

The two main characters are nude at several points during scenes where they bathe together. During one of the bathing scenes, breasts are clearly visible.

The two main characters are nude at several points during scenes where they bathe together. You cannot see their breasts at any point, but their chests are visible.

Two main characters engage in passionate kissing at some points. One scene strongly suggests that sex eventually occurs, though nothing is shown.

The two main characters go and see a play that has sexual themes. The only thing you see is the naked backside of the actor in the play, as well as a blurry frontal view shot from afar. It is not extremely graphic.

The 2 main characters in this movie have sex but nothing is shown although you see them in their underwear. In a poem the main character says something about being horny. A character’s buttocks is shown.

Two males are made to look like they were homosexual lovers.

Two males are told to strip as part of a sex game. They get down to their underwear.

Two married people (not to each other) flirt and dance seductively.

2 members of Don’s team watch a pornographic movie in separate rooms which shows a fully nude woman taking a shower.

Two men admire a woman as she walks by (she wears a short skirt that reveals bare thighs).

Two men admire two women from a distance.

Two men and a woman share a bubble bath (frontal nudity of all three actors). They soon become aware of her menstrual blood. When they get out, one of the men and the woman want to shave the other man’s pubic hair off, but he objects quite strongly.

Two men and a woman wake up in bed together and it is implied that they had sex.

Two men are bare-chested in a bathroom (they have hand towels wrapped around their waists), then other men enter the room bare-chested.

Two men are bare-chested while boxing.

Two men are in a cow costume at one point in the film. There are two scenes, played for comedy, from a calf and a bull. When the calf confuses the costume as a real cow, it starts suckling on the udder. The guy in the hind end of the cow starts reacting as if he’s getting a blow job. Later, a bull sees them and attempts breeding. The man is seen later limping.

Two men are seen bare-chested while boxing.

Two men are seen bare-chested while surfing.

Two men are seen from behind hanging naked upside down awaiting execution.

Two men are seen from behind in the shower, cleaning up after a fire. Both rear ends are clearly visible.

Two men are shown in a strip club and they watch a woman dance, but we see only her head and shoulders.

Two men are shown kissing and caressing each other.

Two men are shown kissing on the street.

Two men are shown nude from behind. One is shown while undressing. The other is naked in his girlfriend’s bedroom.

Two men bump fists, while a third man misses the bump, stating, “I was gonna fist you.”

Two men compare their lives; one is married and talks about what a wonderful feeling it is to be in a stable relationship while the other talks about liking the excitement of being with different women every night.

Two men crudely joke about one having sex with the mother of the other man; one of the men says he will “bend over” the man’s mother.

Two men dance a slow dance together and they are joined by other same sex couples.

Two men dance in a competition: we see them wiggling their hips, thrusting their hips, and one opens his jacket (he’s bare-chested).

Two men dance together, and then several men dance together.

Two men discuss acts of sex, mainly ‘eating pussy’.

Two men discuss how one of the men has “pornographic” photographs of a man with multiple women.

Two men discuss women’s breasts and do a thesaurus of other terms for breasts.

Two men flirt and dance together.

Two men flirt at a bar, and they talk about other people meeting at the bar and going to the beach afterward, presumably to have sex.

Two men go to a strip bar. Breasts can be clearly seen for a long time.

Two men hang from a helicopter and one ends up pulling the pants off the other exposing his boxer shorts.

Two men have vigorous sex under bed covers. This scene is accompanied with a lot of noise and the two men are shown after one has climaxed, but no nudity.

Two men hug a woman’s bosom (one presses his head into her cleavage).

Two men kiss and dance at their wedding, and two men nearly kiss.

Two men kiss during New Year’s Eve.

Two men kiss romantically.

Two men lie in bed together, and one man makes a veiled reference to his having an erection.

Two men look at each other longingly.

Two men look at pornographic magazines (we see bare breasts and buttocks of women in provocative poses).

Two men masturbate while watching a video of them having sex with a woman (we see their arms moving rhythmically).

Two men move there hips and gestures sexual movements.

Two men remark about their “appreciation” of the pornographic nature of two women kissing one another for a film.

Two men remove the tops off two women and we see their bare breasts: both couples begin kissing and touching each other passionately, and one woman makes sexual comments and noises.

Two men share a bed (it is not sexual).

Two men sit close together on a couch and one rests his arm in the other’s lap.

Two men start raping a woman; they through her down on a table and begin forcefully kissing her, but another man saves her.

Two men talk about all the beautiful women as their reason for choosing Brazil as a vacation spot.

Two men talk about a woman being “hot.”

Two men talk about a woman that they have both been married to.

Two men talk about having sex with the same woman. They use crude language. (i.e. “Did you f*ck her?”)

Two men talk about making a big budget sex film.

Two men talk about “scoring at a wedding.”

Two men talk about whom they would have sex with if they were women.

Two men talk about why women sleep with men and that one reason is money.

Two men talk in a parking lot, they share a cigarette, one walks to his car to leave and the other asks him if they can go somewhere; when he says no, the other man is surprised and says that no one has ever picked him up and not wanted something.

Two men tell an investigator that they have sex with each other all the time, and they smack each other on the buttocks repeatedly.

Two men try to rape a woman, but they are stopped. (one of them is shot in the groin by robocop) RoboCop then says to him “your move, creep.”

Two men wake up in the same bed while lying on top of each other, one of the men kisses the other mans ear, one asks the other where his hands are and the man replies “between two pillows”(it is implied that his hand was between the other man’s buttock cheeks)

Two men walk into a room full of nude women and nearly nude men; they drop their pants and take off their shirts as they walk in (an orgy is implied).

Two men wander into a gay rights parade, not knowing what it is. The slogan for the parade is: “We’re here and we’re queer.” (seen on a banner) Several men are dressed up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, heels and wigs included. One gay man gives an ex-President a “freedom chain ring.” The man ends up saving the Presidents’ lives later in the film.

Two men watch as three female flight attendants dance while holding glasses of champagne on a plane (we see bare abdomens and cleavage).

Two men watch from outside a window a naked women enter a room and stretch in various positions. Her full body is seen.

two men watch porn on a tv you see naked women

Two men, who are supposedly homosexual, hold hands.

Two men yell sexual phrases at girls.

Two naked men are seen lounging on a couch, genitals exposed. We later see them wrestling in multiple exposures.

Two non-graphic mentions of pregnancy.

Two nude women are shown kissing in a shower, their bare breasts are shown.

Two nude young women dress as three young men enter the room (bare breasts and buttocks are visible); two nude young women dress in a room as one young man enters the room (bare breasts and buttocks are visible).

Two of the female characters wear tight clothing exposing cleavage and behinds.

2 or 3 crude sexual comments. 1) A man on the phone speaks about japanese business men buying used girl panties from a vending machine. 2) In a meeting, a man says “We’re not gonna sit back and let the japanese f*** us sideways on this.”

Two other men hug.

The two outlaws hide out in a whorehouse but nothing rude seen or shown – implied that Butch Cassidy is about to sleep with one until he is disturbed by posse.

Two passionate kisses: The first is in public, and doesn’t go anywhere. In the second, the characters start to undress but the camera cuts away before anything happens.

Two people are in bed, obviously naked and about to have sex.

2 people are lying on a couch, but they are both fully dressed

Two people are scene deeply kissing.

Two people are seen having sex, although hidden under a large blanket.

Two people describe sex acts and use their hands to demonstrate. One version includes a man ejaculating on his wife’s breasts.

Two people have sex briefly in a pool.

Two people have sex in a car. No nudity is seen.

Two people have sex in a motel room. Two different people have sex in a motel room except this time you see the woman’s breasts.

Two people in a bed having sex are interrupted (no nudity is shown).

Two people make out in a car. You see them kiss for about 30 seconds. Sex is later suggested.

Two people practicing “safe sex” have sex with large condoms covering thier entire body.

Two people start to kiss then get on top of a car and the man gives the women oral sex.

2 people talk and kiss in a bed.

Two policemen jump out of a car at Marge, but then start kissing passionately.

The two Presidents hitch a ride with a lesbian motorcycle gang called “Dykes on Bikes.” It is very brief, and the slogan is only seen written on a woman’s jacket (thus, is hard to read).

2 prostituting woman are briefly shown in very revealing clothing at night at a NYC park.

Two puppets kiss briefly (Kermit and Miss Piggy).

Two rodents appear to be having sex with movement and sound.

2 scantily clad escort girls are seen on a bed, entertaining a client

2 scenes in which 10 year olds watch porn (seen afar from a window and no explicit nudity is shown)

Two scenes of sexual intercourse; one of them is seen from the perspective of Craig or Lotte having sex with Maxine. The other one is seen from a normal view, and we see thrusting.

two scenes take place at a “Porn Shop” *–In the R-rated, the lower half is blurred whenever a poster or DVD cover for a movie is shown. Nothing is cut in the UNRATED.

Two secret service agents protect a dignitary in a strip club. A topless woman (breasts are hidden) in a thong is poised to give the dignitary a lap dance, but is sent away by an officer for security reasons.

2 sex scenes (graphic)

2 sex scenes involving lead character, on both occasions breasts are shown and a bare butt

Two sex scenes with thrusting and moaning. The second lasts longer and they change positions several times.

Two shots of female topless nudity (each about 3-4 seconds long but very noticeable).

Two silhoutted figures are briefly shown having sex.

Two silos are made to look like a pair of breasts.

Two teenage boys lie in sleeping bags next to each other (they appear slightly drunk), profess their love for each other and they hug (nothing sexual is implied).

Two teenage boys look at magazines advertising nude women; they have a suggestive conversation about it.

Two teenage boys talk about becoming members of pornographic websites.

Two teenage boys talk about contraceptives and whether or not to take some to a party.

Two teenage boys talk about 1st, 2nd and 3rd base, and there are remarks about kissing, touching breasts, oral sex and using fingers and thumbs.

Two teenage boys talk about wanting to have sex before they graduate and one talks about wanting to be good at sex.

Two teenage boys talk in crude terms about whether or not a teenage girl would be good at sex.

Two teenagers are kissing passionately on a bed.

Two teenagers are making out in a car, wearing only their underwear.

Two teenagers are seen kissing, bra is shown briefly, and the guy is in his underwear.

Two teenagers have sex. He is seated across the room and he is nude (his bare legs, abdomen and chest are visible). It is implied that she removes her clothes, walks across the room and sits on his lap. They kiss and express that they have both wanted this for a long time. The scene ends without showing the sex, but it is implied and later confirmed.

Two teenagers kiss in a bathroom.

Two teenagers kiss passionately. She pushes him through a door, and they emerge a few minutes later from the closet, obviously implying that they had quick sex.

Two teenagers passionately make out in the back of a van.

Two teens a shown cuddling in the nude, with a blanket covering them. The male mentions never having played “strip croquet”.

Two teens decide to elope together (they don’t due to one of them getting killed, which is the real start of the story) and kiss in a car.

Two teens have sex (offscreen) and wonder what happened, since they were drunk.

Two teens with underwear on in bed, but we don’t see them doing anything

2 to 3 references to oral sex exist during dialog.

Two topless women dance on a stage and around a pole (their bare breasts, as well as their bare buttocks are visible), and another topless woman dances around a pole, spins around the pole and wiggles her bare buttocks while men in a club watch her.

2. While auditioning women, a woman pulls up her skirt, and in a very brief shot, she’s seen fully nude.

2 whores supposedly have sex with the vampire Lestat. Lestat kills one, unkown to the other. She strokes her body several times nearly exposing her vaginal area. Lestat bites her left breast as she continually strokes her vaginal area. 2 minutes later Lestat murders her violently.

Two women admire a man as he walks by and one makes remarks about a part of his anatomy.

Two women and a man are shown having sex in a scene where one of the main character’s breasts are shown.

Two women and a man are shown in an extended and explicit three-way sex scene: bare buttocks and breasts are seen, and there’s lots of passionate kissing.

Two women and a man talk about having “kinky sex.”

2 women and Barry sit on a bed. The women are seen topless and rub each others breasts. (Frontal and side nudity)

Two women are determined to have sex by New Year’s Eve because they believe they will be cursed to have no sex for a full year if they do not.

Two women are forced to kiss.

Two women are nude and getting a massage. Both of there bottoms are seen.

Two women are seen showering together in a video you can briefly see breasts

Two women are seen topless on a boat.

Two women are seen wearing bikini-style tops and short shorts as they model.

Two women are shown in water-soaked and clinging clothing.

Two women are shown very briefly without bras on while on the beach. A man is seen naked from the rear.

Two women argue over who had sex a with a man the night before, the man tells them to resolve the issue by kissing “with tongue,” the two women lean in to kiss each other, and the man, along with several others, watches with great interest and the women are interrupted.

Two women dance seductively together, caressing each other’s bodies, holding each other close and kissing as a crowd watches.

Two women dance together (they are bare-breasted and wear fringe-trimmed thongs) on a stage.

Two women have a graphic sexual conversation about a woman’s sexual habits and former partners; one of the women says that she and her husband often do not have sex after showering separately but the woman still desires sex.

Two women hold hands.

Two women in a jail cell ogle another woman as she enters the cell (the two women are dressed in short shorts and low-cut tops that reveal cleavage, bare abdomens and bare thighs).

Two women in separate shots kiss two men, who are lying in beds, as they leave for work.

Two women in skimpy outfits and a bare-chested man dance on a stage while singing.

Two women jokingly grab one another’s breasts while dancing (both are clothed).

Two women kiss a man and caress his chest, then the two women kiss each other, they remove their tops (we see only bare shoulders).

Two women kiss and begin to undress each other.

Two women kiss in a swimming pool with one of the women’s breasts shown.

Two women kiss on the lips as one is leaving.

Two women kiss passionately in an extended scene; one woman is shown pressed against an opaque glass pane and we see the other woman caressing her crotch (we hear moaning), one of the women cuts the top off of the other exposing her bare breasts, she kisses her breasts, caresses them and kisses down her body to her thigh.

Two women playfully smack each other on the buttocks.

Two women (presumably exotic dancers) enter a room full of men with striptease music playing and begin unbuttoning their tops (we see some cleavage).

Two women’s breasts are shown in a murder scene

Two women share a passionate kiss, shortly thereafter two men are shown, asleep in bed, implying that they’re same-sex partners.

Two women swim nude together. Their bare breasts are visible.

Two woman talk about childbirth and “tearing ” how theres blood everywhere.

Two women talk about one of them being obsessed with a man.

Two women talk in a few scenes about one of them getting back into dating after getting divorced.

Two women undress each other to their underclothes. One performs oral sex on the other while the latter moans and eventually climaxes (we see the woman’s head between the other’s legs for some time). They are seen in their underwear, but no gentials are shown.

2 women VERY BRIEFLY & MILDLY make reference to sex and pregnancy.

Two women wear cleavage-revealing tops in nearly every scene they’re in; also, we see a man’s bare chest through his open shirt (he’s also wearing boxer shorts).

Two women wearing clingy blouses that reveal cleavage and a partially bare abdomens walk down a street, they enter a man’s trailer, and the women pass the man’s clothing out of the trailer to another man (sex is implied).

Two women wearing low-cut dresses (cleavage and bare shoulders are visible) stand on either side of a man and snuggle against him as he gambles and one blows on his dice suggestively.

Two women wear low-cut tops that reveal cleavage.

Two women wear short tennis skirts that reveal bare thighs and tops that reveal bare shoulders and backs.

Two women wear very low-cut tops that reveal their ample cleavage and several men admire them.

Two young couples make out in an alley for a long period of time. Although they are in the dark, you may still notice them off to the side. (no nudity)

Two younger men play tennis bare-chested and a man watches them (the camera focuses on their chests).

Two younger Mexican women are sensual throughout all of their screen time. Their outfits reveal cleavage, and they wear very short shorts.

Two young men are in bed together (they are bare-chested and covered with a sheet) and it is implied that sexual activity is taking place.

Two young men each kiss a different woman in a bar scene.

Two young men go skinny-dipping in a motel pool; they are filmed underwater with full frontal shots.

Two young men have a crude discussion about male genitals: one talks about taping his genitals to his leg, the other explicitly explains that it is because the young man is known to have an abnormality with his genitals, and the young man explains that the tape restricts erections, which he gets from thinking about a young woman.

Two young men have a discussion about a young man’s attraction to a young woman.

Two young men in boxer shorts huddle together in a telephone booth as a car approaches them, the driver, an older man, shouts that he will join them and is shown without a shirt while driving with the two young men as passengers.

Two young men masturbate together on two diving boards; semen is seen falling into the pool.

Two young men, only in boxer shorts, sit in a car, and one states that he is surprised mankind has been able to accomplish anything of worth with “such a distracting past time” (meaning intercourse) which he might become “addicted” to.

Two young men rough-house in the public showers.

Two young men stand in a dorm room, a young woman walks in wearing only a bra and underpants (bare stomach and cleavage visible), looks longingly at one of the young men and jumps onto a bed; another young woman is in the other young man’s bed, and the two young men disrobe down to their boxers (their bare chests visible) and slide into sleeping bags on the floor.

Two young men talk about being in love.

Two young men with two young women have sex in separate beds, in the same room. The men are both bare-chested but have pants on, both women are topless, one with pants still on, the other in a thong revealing the cheeks but not the cleft of her buttocks.

Two young women are seen swimming underwater fully nude (full-front nudity is seen on both, including genitals, bare buttocks and bare breasts); they swim suggestively while rubbing one another’s breasts, as two men watch, film them and make crude remarks and when they get out of the water their bare buttocks are seen in an extreme close-up.

Two young women are shown kissing.

Two young women dance suggestively with each other, with some men in a crowd and then with a young man.

Two young women kiss; it doesn’t appear to be sexual but rather a gesture of best friends.

Two young women kiss passionately and in close-up, one caresses the other’s face, they lie back on a bed, one on top of the other, and one caresses the bare lower back of the other while they continue to kiss; they then stop kissing and talk.

Two young women undress and climb into tanning beds, their bare breasts are shown and one wears a thong and the other apparently is fully nude (nothing below the waist is shown).

Two young women wearing bikinis dance suggestively with one another as a man films them and the crowd watching cheers, as one of the young women puts her face in the other’s cleavage and shakes her head.

Two young women wear low-cut pants with the top of their thong panties exposed.

Two young women wear school uniforms with short skirts that reveal their bare thighs.

Two young women wear short skirts that reveal bare abdomens and tight-fitting, low-cut tops that reveal cleavage.

The two zombies have sex again, thrusting is seen but no nudity. (INTERNATIONAL VERSION ONLY, NOT US VERSION)

Uncle Rico sells a product called “Bust Must Plus” which is a herbal enhancement for women’s breasts.

An uncomfortable scene at the end of the movie shows a girl in a hotel room with a boy who is trying to entice her into sex. She protests and he calls her a “teasing little bitch”. She tries to leave but he won’t let her. He then tries to grab her but she screams and she lets go.

An underage female character tries to have oral sex with a male while he’s driving, but he refuses. Nothing explicit is shown.

An underage teenager’s buttocks are seen.

Under the influence of a truth serum, June tells Roy that she feels like she’d like to have sex and then comments that she thinks he’d be great. Roy stares at her in disbelief and asks if she was given any drugs

The unicorn is turned human by the magician. She is nude but with no exposure. Later when she’s turned back, her dress disappears and a breast is revealed for a second.

An unknown black female is seen topless in a hallway kissing a male on the floor.

Unlike the original “Creepshow” (1982), ‘Creepshow 2′ features female nudity, some moderate sexual activity (including a young male kissing and fondling a young woman’s breasts) and references to oral sex and prostitution. Sexual content in Creepshow 2 is fairly strong.

An unmarried couple live together and have sex. We can even see them kissing and groping in a restaurant bathroom (although fully clothed).

An unmarried man and an unmarried woman move into a house together.

Unrated only: One scene in a womens shower room, a woman walks past the camera and she is fully naked. Her full body comes into view including her breasts and vagina which is very visible.

Unrated only: Two girls lift up there top and show the breasts to get some chicken.

(The unrated version lasts a bit longer and involves the puppets urinating and defecating on each other.)

Unrated Version: There is plenty of more sex jokes

A used condom is found and tossed around.

Using a futuristic video phone, a woman makes a wrong-number call to John Spartan, and is shown topless for a couple of seconds before she hangs up.

Using crude terms, a man talks about liking sex.

Using crude terms a man asks a man if he had sex with a woman on a bar in front of a crowd of people.

A vagina is briefly shown during a woman giving birth.

Valerie has sex with an alien (who looks totally human). Her breasts are shown nude in three brief sections. Afterwards she freaks out and takes a whole month of birth control pills.

Valerie wears a barely-there bikini (wet with nipples visible) in a lengthy scene by the pool, in an alien spaceship, and within her house.

Valerie wears a bikini by the pool, in an alien spaceship, and within her house.

Valerie wears lingerie in an attempt to seduce her husband, whom she catches as he is about to have an affair.

Vampira is in her usual revealing dress.

A vampire woman walks toward a man while beginning to unbutton her dress (no nudity is seen), and mentions another female vampire who told her she had secret desires for him. She says that she, too, knows what men desire, and we see him kissing her chest below the camera. She then attacks him and nothing else happens.

Van Helsing calls Dracula’s brides “whores of Satan”.

Van Helsing refers to Lucy as “a whore of darkness” and “the devil’s concubine”.

Various characters ogle a photo of World War II pinup girl Betty Grable.

Various innuendos.

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